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Protecting Fashion Designs with Design Patents

The United States does not afford Copyright protection to fashion designs themselves, unlike many other countries. Copyright protection could be obtained for particular graphic fabric designs, but not the cut or style of apparel. However, design patents can often fill in the gap. The downside of relying on design patents is that they are significantly Read More

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Prosecuting International Designs in the United States

USA Patent Lawyer Reviews Prosecuting International Designs in the United States The entry of the United States into the Hague System for filing international design patent applications through WIPO in 2015 has resulted in the US having two different sets of rules for prosecuting US design patents.  The first set applies to all designs filed Read More

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Protecting Multiple Embodiments in a Design Patent

Design Patents and How to Protect Multiple Embodiements Our Skilled USA Patent Lawyer Reviews Options I am often asked by clients whether the United States has a provision for protecting multiple designs in a single design patent.   Many other intellectual property offices, such as the EUIPO (Europen Union Intellectual Property Office) allow for multiple designs Read More

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Protecting Icons or Logos with Design Patents in the United States

How to Protect Icons or Logos with Design Patents Experienced USA Patent Attorney Discusses the Options One of the questions that I am asked frequently by clients is whether design patent protection is available in the United States for icons or logos.  In Europe, for example, there is a particular Locarno classification for screen displays Read More

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USPTO Issues Clarification of Guidelines for Patent Eligibility

Guidelines for Patent Eligibility USPTO Updates to the Guidelines (PEG) On October 17, 2019, the USPTO issued an update to the Patent Eligibility Guidelines (PEG) that came out in January 2019. The update seeks to clarify the 2019 PEG in response to public comments it received.  The update provides additional guidance on how the USPTO Read More

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What’s in a Design Patent?

What’s in a Design Patent? Our Experienced US Intellectual Property & Patent Law Firm Can Help with Design Patents For those of you new to design patents, it’s all about the drawings. A design patent consists of drawings of the claimed article, a brief description of each of the views, and a claim. The scope Read More

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