New York Trade Secret Attorneys Protect Your Entity’s Confidential Business Information and Practices

Long Island firm works to safeguard confidential business information / practices

Preventing trade secrets from disclosure by third parties has always been a major concern of business owners. Now the threat is even greater, given the ability to transmit information instantly and the frequency with which employees change jobs. If your business relies on preserving one or more trade secrets, you should take action to keep the confidential information/practices from being disseminated. Establishing trade secret protection policies and strictly enforcing such policies is key to guarding confidential information and practices. At Collard & Roe, P.C. in Roslyn, New York, our experienced attorneys help clients protect confidential business trade secrets and initiate legal action when trade secrets are disclosed.

What are trade secrets?

A trade secret is business information/practices that are commercially valuable and known among a small group of people within a particular firm. To keep the information/practices confidential, employees who are given access to the trade secret should be required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement that covers the time during which the information must be kept private. The trade secret could relate to an invention that will require a patent attorney once it is completed, a secret formula (recipe), or information about customers. No matter what type of processes, materials, or data are involved, it is important to act decisively in order to preserve confidentiality. If a potential infringement occurs, you might not be entitled to relief if you have not taken the appropriate legal steps to protect your business information/practices. You can rely on Collard & Roe, P.C. for sound advice on how to protect yourself or your business.

Types of trade secret misappropriation

Many different forms of trade secret infringement exist. One company might engage in high-level industrial espionage to learn what goes into a competing company’s product. In another case, a disgruntled worker might violate their Non-Disclosure Agreement by sharing the design of a new model that their employer is planning to release. Whether the infringement of a trade secret violates the law, an employment contract or internal confidentiality standards, Collard & Roe, P.C. takes decisive action designed to minimize the damage and hold the violator accountable.

Trade secret infringement actions

When legal action is required because a trade secret has been released, a law firm must act quickly. You might need a temporary restraining order as soon as possible to preserve your company’s unique assets. Whether Collard & Roe, P.C. has worked with you to establish your trade secret protection policies or whether we need to come up to speed quickly, our firm understands how to pursue prompt equitable relief to limit the damage until the legal merits can be fully adjudicated. Should a trial or appeal be required, our experienced litigators are effective advocates in any forum. Factors that often are pivotal in a trade secret case include the potential loss associated with the misappropriated information, the number of people who were aware of the trade secret and the steps the business took to avoid release of the material at issue.

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